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"Don't you ever laugh as the hearse goes by - or you may be the next to die...." is a song I sing that leads to a program of Ghost/Halloween stories for an afternoon or evening. How the song is sung depends on the age range of the audience as very young children need the interjection of laughter and crazy faces while older kids need a more intense version again interspersed by suspense and laughter. An adult program is also a lot of fun.                                          

The intent of the Ghost/Halloween story program is not frighten kids or keep them awake after the program. These days it is practically impossible to scare kids as they see so much blood and guts on DVD s or going to the movies. To tell a ghost story and have the audience wanting more is my objective.

I use a combination of jump stories, funny endings, and just plain old "uck" to entertain those who come for an afternoon or evening of Ghost Story fun.

More often than not I will work with the host of the program (librarians, teachers, private parties, State/National Parks programming personnel, etc.) to make the program fun. That might include inviting the kids (and adults) to wear costumes, having illuminating paper bags lining the entrance to the event, and having snacks after the program.

I invite the audience to get as close as possible to me during the telling and I delight when a child says, "You can't scare me", because that is an invitation to use that child in a jump story.

I try to involve every kid (and/or adult) at some point during the telling by using their name and/or/ their costume.

While it is a much different atmosphere for after school Ghost/Halloween stories, I use the same techniques to integrate the listener with the teller. One of the fun techniques is using the audience to make up a story, monitor the tellers authority so it doesn't get too gross.

The time to book a program is NOW!

Bill Watson - Storyteller
231 Ransom Trace
Georgetown, KY 40324


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