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"My Name's James" is the story of an old Confederate Civil War soldier who reluctantly recalls his memory of that tragic time in our nation's history. 


At the age of 16 James runs off to join the Confederate forces when his brother is bushwhacked - kidnapped - by the Blue Coats. Boys by the thousands on both sides joined up to fight. Most were buglers or drummers, but many became sword wielding Calvary.                              


During the performance, James covers various aspects of the war including where the war began; how a civil war differs from other wars; the many names given to the war; battles having two names; the cost of human lives; women struggling to survive; camp life; Abe Lincoln stories; humorous events; and James' last battle in which his brother dies in his arms.

Throughout the story James invites audience participation with his questions. At the end of the story I switch from James to Bill Watson, Storyteller, and invite the audience for any questions they may have of me about the program. The story is about 45 minutes in length which allows approximately 15 minutes for discussion.

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Bill Watson - Storyteller
231 Ransom Trace
Gerogetown, KY 40324

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